Life is a Journey! Let's Make a Plan!
Life truly is a journey, and the beauty of this adventure lies in our ability to make meaningful choices at any age. It's a common misconception that taking steps towards holistic health is something reserved for the young, but the truth is, it's never too late to prioritize your well-being. Embracing a holistic approach to health, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects, can bring about profound improvements in one's quality of life, regardless of age. Moreover, as we navigate this journey, it's equally important to consider the end of the road. A well-thought-out End-of-Life plan that includes Advance Directives, a Health Care Proxy, and an End-of-Life Wellness Plan is a responsible and compassionate choice. It ensures that our wishes are honored, eases the burden on loved ones, and allows us to approach the final chapters of our journey with dignity and peace of mind. 

So, let's make a plan at any stage of life because it's a testament to your commitment to living well and leaving well.

My Journey
With over 37 years of experience in the Mind/Body field, Carol is a seasoned expert in holistic health and well-being. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice as a certified teacher specializing in Breath-Centered Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique. As a certified End-of-Life Consultant and End-of-Life Doula, Carol also believes in the importance of having your affairs in order throughout your life, bringing peace of mind to oneself and all those we love. Carol guides individuals through the transformative journey of life's transitions with compassion and wisdom.

Carol's personal journey began with a profound challenge at a young age—a failed three-level spinal fusion in her low back. This experience ignited her lifelong commitment to learning and teaching others how to cultivate a conscious relationship with their movement patterns, mental and emotional well-being, breath, and overall health. Through her extensive knowledge and dedication, Carol empowers individuals to create a more conscious and fulfilling life.

With an unwavering passion for holistic healing, Carol offers a comprehensive approach to optimal health and well-being. By integrating the principles of Breath-Centered Yoga, Ayurveda, and the Alexander Technique, along with a modern-day approach to wellness, she addresses the whole person and helps individuals restore balance and harmony. 

In addition to her expertise in the Mind/Body field, Carol's certification as an End-of-Life Consultant and End-of-Life Doula enables her to guide individuals and their families through the challenging and sacred journey of end-of-life planning and support.

Experience the profound wisdom and guidance of a seasoned expert who has dedicated over 37 years to the Mind/Body field. Carol's unique blend of expertise in Breath-Centered Yoga, Ayurveda, the Alexander Technique, and End-of-Life support makes her a compassionate and knowledgeable guide on your journey to holistic well-being and conscious living and dying. 

Take the first step toward creating a Live Well Lived and a Death Well Planned —connect with Carol today.

Scared Memories...

I had the great privilege of being with both my parents at the end of each of their journeys. It was a gift I cherish each day. 

My parents were married for over 50 years. They were cremated and my two sisters and I created a wonderful ceremony and combined their ashes so they were able to float away together for the last time...  

Creating shared memories, moments, and end-of-life stories is what helps us in our grieving process.   

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